Preisträger Wissenschaftspreis 2004

1. Preis

PD Dr. med. Ulrich Junghans, Düsseldorf/Remscheid
„Cerebral microembolism is blocked by Tirofiban, a selective nonpeptide platelet Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor antagonist”

2. Preis

Dr. med. Uwe Walter, Rostock
„Brain Parenchyma sonography discriminates Parkinson’s disease aud atypical parkinsonian syndromes”

3. Preis - geteilt

Frau PD Dr. med. Alexandra von Herbay, Tübingen
„Late-phase pulse-inversion sonography using the contrast agent Levovist: differentiation between benign and malignant focal lesions of the liver”

PD Dr. med. Thomas Scholbach, Leipzig
“ A New Method of Colour Doppler Perfusion Measurement via Dynamic Sonographic Signal Quantification in Renal Perfusion”